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We invite scholars, activists and writers outside of academia to submit proposals to the Queer Space Studies Journal  for the Fall 2019 online edition. Specifically, we welcome manuscripts on any number of topics pertaining to the notion of queer space, and, more broadly, on work that explores the dynamics between gender, sexuality, architecture, the built environment, and related matter. The topics may be about the United States or other countries, urban or rural, temporary or permanent manifestations of gendered/sexualized spaces from the past or present.

The editorial team will select work for publication based on thematic relevance, originality, and contribution to the scholarship on sexuality and space.

Please submit a 300-500 word proposal to the editors by May 10, 2019.

Also, please provide a description of sources you plan to utilize in your work and an estimated word count of the final piece. The deadline for completed manuscripts is June 20, 2019.

Authors will be required to edit a first draft in August and a final draft between September and October in coordination with our editors.

You may direct questions and inquiries to

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